Hello, I'm Justin and I use prototypes to design better digital experiences.

I'm founder and designer at Prototype Learn - a design consultancy that uses experience and business prototyping to help companies learn from people as early as possible:

Project Samples

TreeSwing iOS App

A mobile application for new and emerging investors featured at SXSW.

Investor App

A lean app framework for a direct-to-consumer investment proposition in the UK market.

Reporting Dashboard

A natural language approach to an operational dashboard for financial trade reporting.

Donation App

A simple and responsive web application.

Experimental Web

An early experimental full-screen web experience for Sitek Design.

Digital Retail

Digital in-store retail experiences with tracking and reporting solutions.

Simplicity Thesis

A Masters of Interaction Design Presentation from the University of Kansas.

The goal of this thesis is to promote and validate the value of simplicity in designing software solutions. It argues that technological momentum (of connected microchip enabled devices and services), business challenges (of finding relevant product/market fit), and human psychology (of ownership and loss aversion) contribute to a problematic complexity in systems and offerings that degrade their value, performance, and user experience. In response, a design approach of prototyping and learning is proposed to systematically reduce complexity and simplify the design of software solutions, thereby increasing their value and overall performance.

Emotional Design

Interactions that address human emotion increase understanding.

Market Fit

Prototypes focus digital product features for the market and business.